If you want to be visible on search results, SEO is indispensable. There is, however, more to SEO than this. As a result, here are 10 reasons why businesses are better off with SEO to catapult their brand to the next level. 
These ten reasons will shed some light on why SEO will take your brand to a higher level, no matter your business niche or size. 


1.    Many Website Traffic organic search as its primary traffic source

Your business website performance is defined by ranking on organic search engines, and is also a terrific part of the buyer funnel. As a prime factor to engage users, you need to be able to draw in the traffic. 

Many marketers agree that the lion's share of the search market belongs to Google. While other search engines contribute to the brand's visibility, Google owns almost 75% of the entire search market. Since Google is the leader, you are better off following its guidelines. 

However, the 25% belonging to other search engines makes sense to other brands as well. 

Google stands out as the most visited website globally and the most popular email provider with over a billion users. Also, YouTube stands out as the number two search engine in the world as well. 

The lion's share of the world's internet user accesses the internet by seeking information from Google at least once a day. 
With this, your visibility as a trusted source by Google and other search engines will be in your favour. Your vehicle here is quality SEO alongside a high-quality website. 


2.    You get Trust and Credibility With SEO.

A trusted SEO professional will aim to design a perfect foundation for a clean and beautiful website. This also comes with a clean and robust user experience readily available on search engines due to the brand's credibility alongside its digital properties. 

Many factors are involved in getting traffic to your site, with SEO being crucial for your website to be an authority on search engines for your product or service. Alongside other factors above, a website accrues authority due to elements like:

•    Positive user experience
•    Quality backlinks
•    Optimized content and on-page content
•    Machine learning signals 

When a brand establishes its authority, it will enjoy a lot in terms of digital optimization. However, building credibility and trust does not happen overnight, as it's earned over time through continuous activities such as building relevant links to your site from websites pertinent to your niche

You need effort, commitment and above all, patience to establish your brand as an authority. However, one should not forget the importance of quality product or service which solidifies such trust.


3.    Good SEO translate to Better User Experience

While everyone desires maximum visibility alongside good organic ranking, many don't know that optimum user experience plays a significant role in making this a reality

Over the years, Google now knows how to interpret user experience, whether favourable or unfavourable. But for your website to be successful, a positive user experience cannot be overemphasized. 
Customers go to your website with a knowledge of what they want. If it is not available on your website, your performance takes a hit. 

A perfect indication of establishing a solid user experience is how Google has transformed into an answer engine that gives data on SERPs for people.

The idea is to give users what they want in a few easy clicks without wasting their time. Quality SEO is a combination of positive user experiences which favours a brand. 


4.    Local SEO translates to More Engagement, with traffic which gives  Conversion.

Mobile traffic is rising, doing the local search is a fundamental aspect of the success of most businesses – small and medium especially. 

Local SEO tries to optimize the digital properties of a particular region so targets can easily find them and bring them closer to the transaction. 

Local optimization focuses on specific towns, cities, regions and states to set up a realistic medium for a brand message at the local level.

This happens by optimizing the brand website alongside the content. This includes backlinks and local citations alongside local listings that apply to the location and niche of the brand. 

In promoting engagement at the local level, SEO pros need to optimize the knowledge Graph panel of a brand, the Google My Business Listing, alongside the social media profiles.

Such brands also need to focus on user reviews on Google, alongside studies on websites like Home Advisor, Yelp, Angie's List, based on the industry. 


5.    SEO Affects the Buying Cycle 

One of the highest advantages of the internet from a customer's perspective is the ability of users to research a product. 
With SEO tactics, you can relay your message for good deals, fantastic products and services, alongside what clients get by patronizing you.

Brands must be visible in places where clients need them before they can establish a worthy connection. With Local SEO, such visibility comes to life, giving potential customers answers from brands. 


6.    SEO Best Practices Enjoy Constant Updates

Having SEO tactics established on a brand's website and across all digital platforms is a terrific idea. However, a short term engagement is not advisable as there will be a threshold where improvement will no longer be possible due to hindrances. 

Brands need to be proactive and be on the lookout for changing algorithms. Every year, Google makes thousands of changes to its algorithm. When you fall behind, come back will be extremely hard. With SEO professionals, you can avoid this. 

7.    SEO Understanding Sheds light on How the Web market Works

With the constant change surrounding the World Wide Web, keeping track of changes might be challenging. When your SEO is updated, you know any significant changes that might affect the search engine. 

An idea of the web environment alongside the tricks other locals use will benefit your brand. 


8.    Relatively, SEO is cheap

SEO is not free; likewise, anything good. However, in light of what SEO can achieve, it is cheap, and the payoff will be worth it in the long run. 

It should not be classified as a marketing cost but a real business investment. A reliable SEO investment will stand for many years to come. Also, it will get better with more attention down the line.


9.    SEO is a Long term Strategy

When you implement SEO, you will likely feel the impact in the first year.  The effect of such action will probably last for many years.

With the evolvement of the market, one needs to follow the trend closely. However, a website that has not enjoyed professional SEO touch will feel the impact of basic SEO practices applied alongside a good user experience. 


10 SEO can be Quantified

SEO is not easy to calculate the ROI like what you have in paid search; However, you can keep track of anything with the proper tracking and analytics. 

The considerable challenge is understanding everything happening at the back end since one doesn't have a definite way to fathom the correlation between every action taken.

However, one still need to understand how specific actions will influence growth and performance. Any excellent SEO tactic will aim at such improvements. 

The marketing team and the business will enjoy immense benefits by implementing viable and tested SEO on the brand's website. In the current digital age, the correct marketing technique is essential to a brand's web presence  

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