Facebook ad is one of the most common online methods that entrepreneurs adopt for advertising their business. However, the fact that Facebook ad is an impressive medium of making sales does not imply it is straightforward. You will need this guide on establishing your Facebook ads, reducing expenses, keeping track of ROI, and increasing your income.    


Facebook Ads Strategy: Your Ad Goals

One of the quickest ways to make your business successful is by running Facebook ads. Surprisingly, you can start making money ASAP after launching your first campaign; if you use Facebook ads correctly. Unlike most other methods, Facebook ads have immediate impacts on business. Find out how to create a realistic and effective Facebook ads strategy.

When you typically create a new ad on Facebook, you'll have the following seven goals:


  • Get more website visitors
  • Get more messages on WhatsApp
  • Get more calls
  • Get more leads
  • Get more messages on Messenger
  • Get more page likes
  • Promote your business locally


You can choose only one goal so far for each advert, whether it's to get more leads or more calls. Each advert is designed to be promoted to people willing or likely to click on that particular type of advert. So it’s a good idea to remember the goal of your advert.


Facebook Advertising Costs

The aim of an entrepreneur is to build a business that generates profits. Meanwhile, that can only be possible with a suitable medium of advertisements. If you get Facebook ads wrong, it may cost you extra cash. That's why it's necessary to learn about Facebook ad costs. Due to the cookies consent and privacy controls in Europe, the estimated daily results from your ad are affected, as people tend to opt-out of tracking.

The estimated cost of advertising is £0.70 per click to £5.22 per 1000 impressions. These numbers are averages, and your business will possibly see higher or lower ad costs due to factors like your industry, ad placement and target market


Setting Up Your Facebook Pixel and First Facebook Campaign

You've seen how much Facebook advertisement costs on average. Also, you have briefly learned about average ROI, goal setting, and what it takes to measure all KPIs for Facebook ads campaigns.

To see the results of your Facebook ad campaigns, you need to know how to set up your initial campaign and run it, which depends on factors such as your audience, Ad budget and Ad bid, to name a few.

Before that, you must set the Facebook pixel correctly on your business website. Pixel is a code provided by Facebook that you insert into the code of your website to track the conversions from your ad campaigns.  All this lets you know how effective your adverts are in attracting your target audience.


Facebook Custom Audiences and In-Depth Ad Targeting

Having an impressive ad targeting for Facebook is the primary factor for entrepreneurs to advertise on Facebook, as they like to see results in a productive ad campaign. Even if you are offering the best products or services globally, but your target audience is wrong, you may not get any buyers.

That's the bitter truth about Facebook ads. It will bring you many benefits to find your perfect audience and see how you can target them with in-depth ad targeting.

There are three types of Facebook ad targeting: remarketing ads, a lookalike audience, and a custom audience. We will go into these in-depth in a future guide


Facebook Ad Optimization

You may understand how to establish your goals to reach your audience and get an introductory offer. Nevertheless, you may not understand how to set up Facebook ads optimized for your customers. If you have been running your ads before, but they are not yielding the expected result, that means there is something you are not getting right.

For example, it could be that you are targeting the right audience, but not optimizing your ads correctly for the type of audience who click on certain kinds of adverts.

 You need to optimize your adverts for customers attracted to clicking links, others to click on images or video adverts. Facebook offers a whole suite of functions to dig down into your ideal audience profile

To find out more on optimizing your Facebook adverts, check out Facebook's support topics for opimising ad delivery.


Facebook Advertising Strategy FAQs

At this point, you should have a brief oversight of what it takes to create a productive ad campaign for Facebook. Regardless, you may want to ask some in-depth questions regarding the points discussed, which this article hasn't covered. Give BBNDRY a call or drop a message via our contact us page, and we'll be more than happy to consult with you for free on your business goals.