A business without an online presence is pretty much non-existent on online searches. Most customers use search engines or trusted review sites to figure out if a business is good. Even if the business doesn't have a website, they should at least have a Google business profile. Almost all businesses need a website, even if it's just an informational website that explains who they are and what they do.

Website development and design is much more than just images and links. They can either make or break your business, so you should hire a professional. Some businesses use cheap freelancers to build their site or use website builders to create their website. If you're a hands-on person, or know how to develop websites, these can be a solid option. These options however have a few drawbacks.

A freelancer will have to have feedback from you as the owner to create your perfect site. They will need to design, code, and test the sites before launch, and if they don't have the skills, you may have to hire extra freelancers. Being cheaper can be a disadvantage if it takes longer to develop and costs build up.

If you use a website builder like Wix or Webflow, that's probably cost effective and likely cheaper than hiring freelancers or an experienced web design agency. However, you'll need to learn how to use the builders, you'll have to use their themes, and you won't be able to have the site designed exactly how you want it. Also, you won't own the actual site, as their respective vendors own them.

Choosing a professional web design company over a freelancer or website builder depends on your business and budget. A website design agency can take into account all your business needs and problems, which is likely to lead to a more successful online presence for your business. And you get to own your own website and all the digital assets.


Here’s five reasons why you should work with a web design agency


1.    Each Project Has a Team of Specialists

A web design agency has a whole team of highly professional employees who are good at what they do.

The agency carefully selects its workers according to their field of expertise. This will help ensure a project is evenly allocated to the specialists needed for the job, to create a team that can balance workload with the project targets as efficiently as possible.

In other words, they have different experts in each area of website design. They pick a team of specialists that designs, develops, and launches the website from beginning to end.

While one person works on the graphics, designs, and images, another person works on the content, mobile responsiveness, and so on to bring about a beautiful website design that's easy to use, easy to navigate and functional for search engines.

An average project will have UI/UX designers who create designs and mock-ups of websites with great graphics, working hand in hand with coders who use the design to precisely deploy back-end databases with front-end CMS.

This team is usually led by an experienced project manager, who can ensure the team gets the project done on time and on budget.


2.    Get To Know Your Project, And Use the Right Technology for It

Web design agencies that take quality seriously stay up to date with the latest trends. A web design agency with up-to-date knowledge of everything that has to do with web design can help keep your business relevant. This allows them to introduce new ideas and explore opportunities in your industry. As they have grown in web design, they know what works for businesses in the past, and what makes these other companies successful.

The digital space is evolving rapidly, new technologies and practices can change within six months or less. That's why you want to work with an agency partner who's engaged with new trends and knows how to use the latest technologies to make your website work hard for you and deliver a true return on investment.

In addition, the website is your 24-hour sales and marketing machine that requires uninterrupted traffic generation. A website designed by an agency will help you achieve maximum returns on your business by creating a stable, future-proofed, and adaptable website. This leads to more enquiries, increases customer engagement, increases user engagement, and increases trust in your brand.

A professional web designer should be patient enough to understand your business goals and which technologies are suitable for your website. On this basis, the designer can be more efficient and focus on achieving your goals and expected results from the outset.


3.    Communication and Meeting the Deadlines

A good agency will advise you on the best way to manage your project. They also guide you on how to avoid common website design mistakes made by other businesses that have caused setbacks. This might let you launch your website without running out of time or spending more money on fixes.

A professional web design agency team can communicate with you at every stage of the project and ensure it meets deadlines. They are careful in communicating with you to avoid breaking deadlines and deliver a high-quality website on time.

The web design team is updated about your business needs through the project manager. Your personal project manager will coordinate with you about your projects objectives and let the entire team know what needs to be done at the various stages, and how it will develop over the projected timeline. A good agency will keep you updated at every stage.

Some agencies can have individual team members give suggestions for better solutions for your website based on their experiences. You will receive a project plan with precise delivery time, the technologies used, and an extremely well managed operation within the budget and timeframe for your project.

When you use a website design agency that is well experienced, good at what they do, and already has the skills, you get a website launched within the budget and within the shortest possible time frame.


4.    An experienced website design agency automatically becomes part of your team

A website design agency knows that its work does not end with the completion and launch of the website. They usually offer a minimum of three months warranty to ensure your site is error-free, with an extended maintenance service as an add-on. These are usually negotiated before the project starts.

They can act as consultants that you can ask to better understand the technologies used and provide suggestions on how to run the website.

They support the business and work as an extended part of your business team, from updating website content, adapting new technologies and updating website security.

With an additional monthly fee after the warranty has ended, they can provide tech support for your website.

Most customers keep the original web design agency as a support for their online business strategy, as the agency is most familiar with the technologies used and the coding to keep the website up to date and current with changes and regulations.


5.    Trust, Reliability, and Efficiency

An agency that knows and keeps up with your business practices is a good thing in the long run. It means they know how your business operates and can increase the strengths of your business while minimizing any weaknesses. An agency that can do this must have considerable trust in you, and vice versa, to provide a reliable service.

The web design agency has a whole team to give up-to-date information about your website. You are well informed about the progress of your project at every stage they reach. If you want a modification or actual changes to the whole project, they should be open to communication. This will ensure the final product is what you pictured.

It enables them to deliver optimally with every new business arrangement that comes their way. A web design agency's long-term goal is always to see and implement a successful project in every situation, and to maintain its reputation by delivering quality.


So, Should You Hire A Web Design Agency?

If you have a large goal and a suitable budget, hiring a web design agency helps you benefit from high-quality creativity and stable development. Besides the fact that you'll get a high-quality job with a warranty from some agencies, you'll get a reliable partner that you can depend on to help you reach your online goals.

A web design agency knows where to accurately place all the features needed on your website in a way that won't make it appear cluttered, and ensures user friendly navigation.

In other words, they know the design requirements for a website with shopping as the main goal, service-based websites that may require subscription, social platform integration for social businesses, and they will work with you to integrate the type of services that you provide through your website.

A professionally designed and future proofed technology automatically guarantees you an edge in excellent website performance, usability, and SEO.


Whether you should hire an agency, freelancer, or build it yourself depends on your goals, budget, and time. If you want a quick consultation, contact BBNDRY for more information.