Good User Friendly Website Designs Always Give You an Advantage

One of the foundations of most good eCommerce business is a terrific website design. It should be stress-free for consumers to explore a website to get whatever product they want to buy. Besides, the possibility of a consumer coming back for return-purchase is high if they had a good experience using the website.

This blog will explore every critical part of E-commerce website design that will help a store retain customers.


  1. Intuitive User Experience For the Entire Shopping Experience

Good Web Design Ecommerce - USER EXPERIENCE











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The probability of converting a visitor if there is a bad user experience is low. This is why many people abandon their shopping cart – one of the main issues online stores face today. However, web designers put in their best to have easy navigation like finding the product, adding it to the cart, and paying for such.

There are several things designers need to consider to make the online shopping experience easy. These are things like usability, accessibility, etc. For instance, the more fields a customer needs to fill, the less likely such will commit.


  1. Responsive Design

Good Web Design Ecommerce - Responsive Design

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Now that many people access online stores using their mobile devices, it is essential to make a seamless experience possible over various mobile devices. As a result, websites without mobile-friendly devices will likely lose consumers to competition.

With this, strive for a simple interface when designing. Image zoom compatibility and simplified page load time, are all essential.


  1. Easy Navigation

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This means it should be easy for a consumer to locate whatever they want to buy. This comes down to making your site’s navigation extremely easy and organized. You should organize it with categories and subcategories.

Make sure you have a search bar located in a conspicuous place. With this, users will be able to get what they want quickly.


  1. Call to Actions

A CTA (Call to Action) directs visitors on how to go about your website, which can go a long way to help with conversion.

This is not about using an ordinary CTA as it might not effectively grab the user's attention. Instead, this is about having a button that stands out without coming off as excessively aggressive.

Take note of the following when designing your CTA: size spacing, contrasting colors, perfect copywriting. Also, testing various CTA is good as it allows you to know the one that performs best with visitors. 


  1. High-Quality Content

All your lovely photographs should have a detailed copy serving as a description. With this, customers will have a better understanding of your products. However, make sure not to clutter your website with an excessive copy as well. It can be tedious and excessively overwhelming.

With short and concise copy, you have all information easy to digest as consumers will likely read them. Use the correct language depending on the audience as well.




There are many different aspects of eCommerce design for web. However, we have carefully handpicked the most important ones. Bear in mind that no two e-commerce websites are the same.

At Beyond Boundary Digital Agency, you can count on us for a customized approach to handle each client's need, which is a factor of the business and the brand. For example, our years of experience involved helping e-commerce businesses boost their revenue through better conversion and retention of customers.