Introduction to Website Design Timeframes

Every potential client wants to know how long it will take to get their designs done. Unfortunately, the answers given to them are not always direct; we will need to find more information about the job to provide a time that will be precise.

There are; however, some determining factors on the length of the project, ranging from the discovery stage to implementation of the project. So how long can we really say it takes to have it done?


Designing & developing a website doesnt have to be complicated.


How long does it take to build a website BBNDRY

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Designing of websites varies from one individual to another. One should know that no two projects are similar, which explains why each project is treated differently and uniquely with a customized and detailed guideline as specified by clients. Although an average web design project typically should last between 12 to 15 weeks, this is solely dependent on the requirement of the client and what they need their website to do


 So what does it depend on?


Factors that determine the time frame for completing a web design project include; the number of pages, degree of functionality, amount of animation required in the website, complexity of the integration, and many more


The following will have an impact on the length of completion of the project.


How large you desire your website to be and the numbers of custom pages you want us to design

How complex will the website be? That is, will it be two languages or more? Is there a fixed CRM platform to be incorporated into the design?

Is there a readymade template for the designs to work on? Or we will have to start the work from the beginning, including creating a brand and guideline to base the project foundation on.

The client will provide content to be integrated on the website, which can serve as baseline information for the designer to work with.


The process


You probably would be thinking right now about what exactly will be going on during this 12 to 16 weeks period; here is the detailed breakdown of what to expect during those weeks.




Here we get to know you (like a meet and greet section), know your business and the project we will be working on. We will also make plans towards delivering top-notch service and get familiar with what is required of us to provide a unique finish project at the end of the specified time.

Second week: UX DESIGN


After gathering helpful information at the initial stage, we go ahead and sketch a scheme for the future website. Here, the focus is mainly on the consumers of your goods/services, experiences and expectations, and what we want them to gain while navigating the website.


Third and fourth week: UI DESIGN


The user interface design stage is where we design the visual part of your website. Here, the guideline given at week one is religiously followed while also applying our expertise to produce a remarkable result; at the end of the fourth week, we will provide you with an interactive design prototype that includes all the expectations mentioned above, and feedback is taken.


Fifth to the tenth week; WEB DEVELOPMENT


As soon as you approve and certify the design, coding starts! We develop your new website just the way you want it to be, and we will supply you with a better link once everything is ready.




Here the link has been passed on to you; it is now left for us to do the final testing and fine-tune your new website before finally going live. You will have a consolidation round of feedback here, and you also get time to finalize the content


Twelfth week: GO LIVE.


At last! We can celebrate. If you are worried about what happens next, don't be, the majority of our clients ended up being our long-term partnership, and we are happier than ever to ensure your added to the long list of fully satisfied clients.