COVID-19 definitely left a lasting impact on how humans lived. From working to shopping to connecting with friends and families, there has been a drastic change in our lifestyle.


Many industries are on their knees with the series of closures, travel bans, and lockdowns. The E-commerce sector, however, defied this.

This blog post will explore how the e-commerce sector rose in the past couple of years, its effect on consumer behaviors, and how businesses can grow with our assistance.

How Lockdown affected Shopify

Shopify lockdown business woman

The closing of brick-and-mortar stores forced consumers and retailers online. During the pandemic, a lot of people shopped online, including people that never did it before. This explains why there was an explosion of new online stores during the pandemic.  It opened the eyes of many business owners to innovation to meet unique customer needs.


This led to a more than 50% increase in Shopify-powered stores in March and April 2020. In addition, small business owners, in an attempt to get back lost investment, turned online for sales.


Meeting Customer Needs

Consumers buying anything online will naturally prioritize speed and comfort. According to studies from Google, the foremost priority for consumers is comforting, in which free shipping and swift checkout motivates them. 

Shopify is equally assisting small retailers in upgrading their e-commerce experience. They do this by giving mobile-friendly and secure checkouts with other services like inventory management.


Here is a few examples of adaption of sellers to this new shopping experience and the consumer attitude:


Deviant & Dandy: Hospitality Migrate to Sales Online

London-based brewery – Deviant & Dandy directed their focus to online retail. While they already used their website to sell their product, switching to Shopify made it easier for their fan to have their transactions. The installation of an app brought about a subscription option for their product.


Pot Gang: A boom in Subscription

When many of the friends and families of Sam Smith desperately tried and failed to grow herbs and vegetables in their balconies, he started the company Pot Gang. With this monthly subscription, customers get three different seed types every month alongside the pot and direction for the plant to flourish.


With the aid of Shopify, it was easy for Pot Gang to launch a store online and offer product subscriptions. As a result, customers get a simple purchase process without sacrificing the appeal of the band.


Is Online Shopping Here to Stay?

With the pandemic, the e-commerce sector experienced tremendous growth in few months, taking them many years.

Shopify has provided the perfect platform for anyone to offer their products for sale online, with all essential tools and guidance, at an affordable price. In addition, it can handle various types of store owners and has a low entry requirement for anyone interested in setting up a store.

Shopify ecommerce at BBNDRY website design

The prediction is 2021 will see a decline in E-commerce sales with easing restrictions and life gradually returning to normal. However, many studies have reported that half of the consumers will keep up their habit of shopping online.

We want to be part of this at Beyond Boundary with one of our main focus being on digital marketing and web design for small to medium businesses - BBNDRY


Why You need an agency to build Your Shopify store

In using Shopify for your online store, you can offer your customers a seamless experience. Shopify gives you the complete tool you need to sell your product alongside room for growth.


Hiring BBNDRY agency for your Shopify site will allow you to customize your storefront, and you get way more than what you will achieve from using a template.



Even though there is some relaxation of the COVID-19 restriction, online shopping is not going anywhere soon. Even though the opening of physical stores might slow it down, sellers are looking forward to the future already to ensure that they remain competitive in this space.