There are many types of digital marketing agencies. Some focus on SEO, others on social media, and still others on website design or email marketing. It can be difficult to know which type of agency is right for your business. In this article, we will discuss the five most common types of digital marketing agencies and what each one does. We will also provide tips on how to choose the right agency for your business. Digital marketing is a series of strategies to target, involve and build relationships with customers, and engage an online audience in a relationship using various channels, with the ultimate goal of turning them into paying customers. Digital marketing comes with dramatic results. With blogging alone, certain brands can generate up to 67% more extra leads (source:, which gives them an advantage compared to those without this strategy. Here are the tactics of digital marketing:


· Content marketing

· Mobile marketing

· Online advertising

· Video marketing

· Search Engine optimization

· Email marketing

· Social media marketing


A digital marketing agency uses various tactics, techniques and tools to make the sales and marketing goals a reality. Therefore, planning and processing a digital marketing campaign can be a challenge.


Types of Digital Marketing Agency and Their Duties


1.     Digital Marketing Agency

Such an agency engages customers over the internet using channel marketing, like multichannel marketing, omnichannel marketing and others.

For single-channel and multichannel marketing, the agencies engage the target in one or a series of channels, like blogs, social media, emails and others. Omnichannel marketing aims to provide marketing expertise through various channels and devices. You should know that a digital marketing agency may not offer traditional marketing services.


2.     Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

This is usually a comprehensive channel that offers a series of services related to digital marketing. They typically enjoy business partnerships, as they are well versed in projects needed by most businesses, like website redesign and lead nurture. Such agencies can further help optimize an existing marketing department at a reduced cost. These may also offer traditional marketing, along with website design, SEO and content generation. Though they may offer the full package digital marketing some tend to specialise in a few areas and outsource the rest.


3.     Inbound Marketing Agency

With an inbound agency, you get inbound marketing techniques that differ from traditional outbound agencies. They aim to structure a business online where customers can easily find them, gain customers' trust, and generate more sales. It can yield impressive results with time, but it takes time before any good lead and sales appear.


4.     SEO Agency

Such agencies with a focus on SEO usually rank their customers' sites in search engines. In general, they have a specialist who will handle the following:

· Audit of websites

· Blog and website content

· Keyword research

· Audits of back-links

· Accessing metadata – like meta descriptions, title tags and URL quality

· Link building

· Optimizing video description and many others


5.     Digital Ad Agency (PPC Agency)

You can also generate traffic through paid advertising. However, it costs money to place it on search results pages. You'll usually see these types of ads on websites, social media channels, and search engine result pages. Such agencies are skilled at producing keyword-filled ads that meet all requirements of the digital channel displaying such ads. Some services that provide PPC include Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Bing and Google.


Digital Marketing Consultant

This is a consultant with/without affiliation to a digital marketing agency. Such consultants are well-versed in digital marketing to help businesses establish a strategy for digital marketing. They are skilled at detecting loopholes in your present strategy, and areas that need improvement, and how to make the best of such.


Duties of a Digital Marketing Agency

What attracts firms to digital marketing agencies is their experience in online marketing. Such agencies are aware of the best practices, current trends, alongside tools and tricks to make your digital marketing successful.

Here are some specific roles of a digital marketing agency:


· Improve Organic Traffic to Your Website

A digital marketing agency wants to help you generate as much organic traffic as possible. Such professionals are well versed in what inbound marketing entails, search engine algorithms alongside the customer journey.

Working with such an agency will increase the number of people who find your website – organic traffic. You will get more leads with fewer budgets. Such leads are of high quality, which will increase the probability of having a paying visitor.


· Generation of Sales Ready leads.

Digital marketing professionals need to know your business alongside its marketing objectives and goals. Target audience and sales funnels. Such professionals also need inbound marketing tactics like social media marketing, web design, content marketing and SEO.

Collaborating with a digital marketing team will help you deliver the perfect message through the ideal channel at the perfect time to leads present in your sales funnel. With a digital marketing team, you can have sales-ready leads by transferring sales from the top to the bottom of your sales funnel.


Overall Improvement of Your Marketing Tactics

An ideal digital marketing agency should be like an arm of your home marketing team. Such a digital marketing agency will complement your home team and fill knowledge and skill gaps. Such an agency will also take care of weaknesses in the current digital marketing activities. For brands with a small marketing team, there is a high probability that you will not have the expertise needed for specialized digital marketing campaigns.

With a full-service digital marketing agency like BBNDRY, you can expect the following service:


· Content marketing

· PR services

· Social media marketing

· Search engine optimization

· Email marketing

· Facebook advertising

· Event coordination

· Video production


Essential Questions To Ask In Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency

Make sure you are diligent with your research before choosing your digital marketing agency. This comes down to knowing your goals, funds, and how you want to be involved in the process.


We have collated the following questions to guide you in screening prospective digital marketing agencies:


· Is there a project manager or contact person in the team?

· Are there in-house professionals, or will they hire freelancers?

· What tools and software will they use?

· What part of the budget will take care of administration?

· What does a client want in an agency?

· What is their pricing structure?

· Do they have success with other brands like yours?

· How often can you expect updates on the status of the project?

· Are their testimonials, reviews and professional ratings for them?

· What are the proposed milestones? And what should you expect from the first three months of project execution?


It is essential to know that you are making a worthwhile decision for your brand before enlisting the services of a digital marketing agency.