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Facebook advertising

One of the most effective marketing platforms around today is Facebook. You can leverage the size, data, and creativity to get your ads in front of a relevant audience.

Daily, we dedicate hours on Facebook ad campaigns for our clients. We do everything possible, tweaking, and strategizing, split testing, and optimizing to meet your goals.

Here is how we can help:

Come up with a top Facebook ad strategy: with our ad strategy, you will get more engagements that will translate to more sales.

More customers via advanced targeting: with the Facebook advanced targeting features, we will get your ad to the screen of prospective customers.

Relevant ads that convert: with our experience, we will invoke our secret weapon to get you the best result.

Impressive ROI for your business: our result speaks for us. This is backed up with our team of Facebook ad specialist.

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Facebook advertising

Our strategy to get results on Facebook

Step 1: Discovery And Research

  • We take our time to understand what you need. With what you have already, we will come up with a superb campaign.
  • With the Facebook insight tool and our secret strategy, we will get you the right audience and gear them to take action.

Step 2: Strategy And Development

  • We will work out a plan that suits your business. Our expert will come up with the best strategy that will work for your business.
  • We will use various strategies like app installation, growing your followers, and many others to create a sustainable plan for you.

Step 3: Audiences And Targeting

  • We will get your ad in front of the most relevant audience. This increases your chance of success with impressive ROI.
  • With our tricks, we have many ways with which we can even help you find your customers.

Step 4: Dynamic Product Ads

  • Dynamic product ads will generate impressive sales. The cost is small, and the yield impressive. We will set this for you to maximize your Facebook marketing strategy.

Step 5: Advert Creative & Copy

  • First impressions: we help you put your best feet forward to get your target audience to click
  • Impressive ideas: one of our expertise will generate impressive ideas for your ad
  • Design focused: fantastic designs that will surely attract any pair of eyes.
  • Video ads: videos will get you head and shoulder above your competitors
  • Dynamic creative: we will test run various images, videos in a single ad unit.
  • Canvas ads: use this to introduce yourself to a new audience

Step 6: Optimization

  • We do not just set up the ad, we have strategies to ensure maximum performance. This can happen in many ways, like getting rid of some age bracket, tweaking the audience, etc.

Step 7: Scaling

  • With our years of experience and dedication to Facebook advertising, we know what works. We have dedicated money; hence we know how to improve the ad campaign.
  • We manage many ad accounts backed up by a data-driven blueprint. If your product is awesome and you will like to get it to the world, we can help you.
  • One of our expertise is rapid growth and high volume expansion.

Step 8: Reporting

  • You get a real-time report of the ad performance. You will get data on who is buying, what attracts them and encourage repeat purchases. These are powerful and helpful information.
  • We have strategies in place that allows us to give you weekly and monthly reporting. With this, you know what is happening on your account. You will also be aware of all the magic we are performing to make things better.
Video ads
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Video ads

According to Instagram, the time spent watching video has almost doubled. This is impressive, and your business can tap into it. With this, you can drive awareness and establish your brand. We will use the video and format them for Instagram engagement.

Carousel ads

With a swipe of your thumb, you can control your mobile experience. This is where the carousel ad comes in as it allows Instagram users to have access to various images and clips from your brand with the swipe of your finger.

You can tell your story, express your products, and inspire users to take action using the Instagram carousel ads.

Carousel ads

Organic marketing

The idea behind organic marketing is to enable authentic interaction and build brand voice with customers. You also get to sensitize and convert blog readers with the aim of boosting landing pages.

All channels in which people can find your blog (search engine, social media, blogs, etc.) are part of the organic marketing cycle. An example of this is outlined below:

Monthly publishing of blog articles that reveal info about your business.Sharing this post on social media with influencers and brands as targets.

After the above, you explore your organic traffic to determine the post getting you the most traffic and the posts people found organically. All in all, organic marketing is natural and authentic.

Organic marketing
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Paid marketing
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Paid marketing

Paid marketing is a quick way to target, reach, and engage your desired audience directly. It is quick as you will not have to wait for someone to find your blog on social media or organic search. With paid marketing, you are "putting" the contents right to your target. It is focused on sales and revolves around specific actions. Here is an example:

You have new quarterly goals, and your paid ad must work effectively. You need to test about ten sets of ads over some week

The result will let you know the best performing ads. For the final two weeks, you invest more money in the top-performing ads

As the task comes to an end, you analyze the campaign data to ascertain major success metrics like the entire amount spent and the profits on ad spent

This makes it glaring that paid marketing is effective in getting a fast result. From the name, it involves spending money to achieve certain goals. Each paid ad will likely lead to a certain landing page or a page that can get a financial result.

Photo ads

For us to have successful optimization, we will improve the performance of your ad account. We have strategies in place to get the maximum return from your budget.

We can increase the budget, expand the age bracket, and tweak the audience, and many others. We have a team that keeps a daily tab on the account to make sure it aligns with the objectives.

Instagram Marketing

Whatever you aim to do - increase website traffic, grow your brand, and generate more leads, Instagram is a powerful tool you can use. It can help you meet all your marketing goals.

With Instagram, you get a wide array of potent tools that can help you grow your business. Here are some of the areas where we will help:

Developing a strong marketing strategy: we will team up to develop a solid Instagram marketing strategy that will meet your business needs.

Get an engaging and loyal follower: we will help grow your follower base and keep them engaged with the right content.

Grow trust and credibility with influencers: you will get dynamic business opportunities by working with influencers.

Develop interesting and unique content: we will create unique content that gives your business the attention it needs.

Use Instagram advertising platform: our team is experts at using Instagram ad tools to give your business the exposure it desires.


The Best Instagram Advertising Service


Campaign planning: we make sure we understand what your business needs alongside the objectives. We do this to understand the best way to approach your audience.

This will guide our team of Instagram wizards to create an effective campaign plan that will meet your business needs.

Bullet-proof targeting: there are many ways to get your desired audience on Instagram. Many people that have succeeded with Facebook ads before will find Instagram ad a good way to take things further.

Making use of this data, you will get a new audience to grow your brands. On having this data, we will use this to:

Get more people on Instagram with similar profiles like your top customers. Classify people from your audience watching over three-quarter of your videos. Use your hottest leads to find people with similar interests.Concentrate on people that spend more time on your website to boost sales.And many more.

  • Demographic-based audiences:Instagram stands out with comprehensive data that will be of great help. For instance, millennial below 25 that live in Hawaii and likes skating.
  • Remarketing audiences: all visits to your product page is registered and linked to a Facebook profile. We will now reveal this audience ads on Instagram.
  • Campaign testing: for all the periods of your ad account, we will keep up with testing ad creatives. We will find new opportunities and improve our current strategy. This will get us ahead of the competition.
  • Optimization: we will also boost your ad performance. We could improve the budget, adjust the creatives, and do many things. Optimization goes along with your objectives alongside the current performance of your campaign.
  • Improving campaign: to scale a campaign successfully on Instagram, we need to know your target CPA. This involves the volume you need and the quantities you sell at. This data will help with a scaling plan to boost your business alongside the data you go from the ad account.

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