The first step to designing or re-designing your business website is to choose a freelancer or a web design company. Unfortunately, there are countless web designers out there, making it harder for business owners to make a good choice easily.


Meanwhile, each company's need differs when it comes to web design. For some companies, their web development project is a huge one that involves a lot of time and money. That's why you must scrutinize the pros and cons of contracting a freelancer or a design agency.


In this article, you will better understand making the right choice between hiring a freelancer or a web design company.


Advantages of Hiring a Freelancer


When working with a freelancer on your web development project, there are several benefits you will enjoy. They include the following;




A freelancer is a one-person business, and that means the price would be lower. A freelancer will set his rate and give room for a reasonable bargain. In comparison, a web design agency deals with many people who paid for the services rendered to your company. So, if your business is small, it will be ideal to consider a freelancer.


Another way to cut cost is to hire a freelancer that will use a theme or WordPress template to develop your project from the beginning. A custom-designed web will involve an illustrator or Photoshop, which takes time and consumes much money. Meanwhile, an agency may not use a template to build your web, but you can talk to an individual developer (freelancer) to consider using a template for your web.   






Asides from cost reduction benefits, a freelancer can efficiently time their schedule with you, which can hasten the completion of your project. An agency on its own will be handling more projects simultaneously; therefore, the timeframe may be longer than what you will enjoy with a freelancer.



Since you are dealing with a single person when you hire a freelancer, you can quickly amend your contract with him or even have a more personal approach throughout and after completing the project. 


Disadvantages of Working with a Freelancer


There are some downsides to hiring a freelancer regardless of its advantages:




It's a tricky task to judge the experience and reviews of a freelancer, unlike an agency. Some unfaithful freelancers are advertising other freelancers' work. Hence, you can't be so sure of whom you are trusting with your project. 

Besides, if the freelancer disappoints you, you may need to hire another person, which will increase your expenses.  


Limited Skill Set


Hiring a freelancer will limit you to a single person's knowledge and resources. In other words, web development requires the skills of different experts that can design your project well. For instance, a freelancer may be good at UX design when who is imperfect in project management.    

If you hire an agency, you will enjoy the services of different experts that can handle each aspect of the project perfectly. Also, your project develops with adequate resources in place to deal with changes in online marketing.




Once your project is complete, a freelancer may move on to another project, and if you would need his services later, he may not be available. However, this is not possible with an agency since many workers are always available for present and future occurrences. 


Advantages of Hiring A Web Design Company


Let's show you the several benefits of working with a design agency on your website.


Diverse Experience


There are cases in which your company's website requires advanced functionality like password-protected area or shopping cart and other technical tasks. For that reason, an agency is the best choice for you because an agency employs its workers based on their qualifications and experience in the field. That said, when you hire an agency, different experts will give a thorough touch to your project, which will offer you a fantastic result.


Credibility & Support


Most times, an agency has a reputation and credibility more than a freelancer. Reviews, previews, works, awards, and recommendations are always available online for you to check before striking a deal with an agency. A freelancer may not have all of these.


Also, there is a high chance of getting ongoing support when you hire a web design agency, but a freelancer may depend on your financial support only, which could slow down the project.


Disadvantages of Hiring A Web Design Company


It's not a surprise that it still comes with its disadvantages despite the advantages of hiring a web design company.  




The price of hiring a web design agency is high because they have several people working for them, and they need payment at the end of the month. The maintenance of their office is another factor that will make their price higher than a freelancer.


Asides from that, an agency will work extensively on your website. If you hire a freelancer, he may skip some parts due to a shortage of resources or skills; meanwhile, this won't occur with an agency. All the skills involved with an agency will add up to your quotes.  


If your business is small, but you would love to hire an agency, go with a small agency to save some money.




When dealing with a freelancer, you are working with just an individual, making communications and projects faster and easier.


Nevertheless, if you hire a web design company, you deal with more than two persons, making communication difficult. Likewise, they may not complete your project on time since different persons will work on the web at different stages and periods.


Although many big agencies have project managers, that ensures there is smooth communication and proper time management. However, this problem could still occur if the project manager is not competent enough.


What Are Your Website Project Goals


Above all, your goals for your website are paramount and will guide you in deciding who you should hire between a freelancer and a website design company.


For instance, if your primary role in building a website is to market your business and want a high-quality web page, go with a design company with the right expertise.


Launching a small business, you should consider a small agency or freelancer as you might not able to afford big agency fee's in the long term however they will most likely be able to get you marketed successfully. 




Your website is the meeting ground for you and your prospective clients; as far as digital marketing is concerned. Therefore, make the wisest and most appropriate choice for your business.